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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide development servers?

No. Given the wide variety of tools and languages available, it is impossible for us to think of everything. Therefore it is the participants’ responsibility to ensure they have the tools required to develop, and if necessary, host their applications during the competition.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes, the event floor is open to the public and it will be possible for anyone to stop by during the day. However, it should be noted that we have established rules for visitors to ensure that competitors, who will need all of the time allotted to them to design their applications, are not disturbed by spectators. Consult the rules section for details on the rules applying to visitors.

Rules – Hack Sherbrooke

What programming language and what technology must I use?

You can use the language of your choice as long as your project respects our rules. Don’t forget to consult the evaluation criteria to ensure that you obtain as many points as possible.

Can an existing source code be used?

Yes, if it is a publically available “open-source” code not altered prior to the event. If you are using a source code from an open-source project, we recommend that you keep a list of links to the libraries used to be able to respond to questions from the jury, should there be any.

As an example, you are authorized to use “JQuery” but you cannot use a “plugin” that you have developed or that you bought and improved.

Can our team work outside of the time scheduled for the event?

Yes, you can work outside of the scheduled time, as long as the work is performed by members of your team between 8 a.m. on Saturday and 12 p.m. (noon) on sunday.

Do you provide computers?

No, we do not provide computers. We suggest that you find a laptop to be able to prepare it beforehand so that it contains all of the development tools that you plan to use.

How will teams be formed?

You can form your own team or join an existing team during the introductions taking place Friday evening, April 24th. You can also put out an open call on our Facebook page. Don’t worry, you’ll find a team!

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