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  1. Teams may consist of four to six people. The additional degree of difficulty for a smaller team will be considered in the final judgment.
  2. Project planning during Friday event is permitted. Ideas and models can be discussed, but the code should only be written during the main event (from 8AM Saturday to noon Sunday).
  3. The application must be at least a working prototype in order to qualify for a prize.
  4. The application must use at least one open dataset form the city of Sherbrooke offered on the Québec’s open data portal, in the ORGANISATIONS section.
  5. Additional points are awarded to applications that use more than one data sets available on the Québec’s open data portal.
  6. Representatives of an organisation offering a prize may designate a person on site to judge on their behalf.
  7. The selection of winners will be based on a set of criteria provided by the organizers judges and provided to participants at the friday evening event.
  8. The evaluation criteria are as follows:

    • Innovation and originality
    • User experience ( Visual, design , usability , accessibility)
    • Usefulness for the Sherbrooke community
    • Idea sharing and collaboration
  9. Winners must make their application available publicly (hosting can be provided by our organisation).
  10. The winning team will be subject to a code review to ensure that the program have been fully developed during the events.
  11. The use of tools and Scaffolding Framework to accelerate the development is permitted. Teams are required to include external libraries used and their versions used for their project. Only the publicly available libraries can be used as a code base to start the project (libraries on Github, Bitbucket, etc.).
  12. The organization reserves the right to expel a participant at any time if it determines that his behavior is inappropriate.
  13. Participants must be on site during the scheduled hours of the Hackathon, excluding the “Hack All Night!” from 22h on Saturday to 8h on Sunday

Rules for visitors

  1. Visitors are accepted free of charge at the event
  2. A visitor can not relay team members or participate in any way in the work carried out by a team on the project.
  3. At any time, the organizing committee reserves the right to expel a visitor if it judges that he/she disturbs a team involved in the competition.

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